• About German Shepherds

  • Guarding America

  • One thing is certain: once you have known the love and pride and joy that come with owning one of these superior animals ~ no other breed will ever take the Shepard’s place in your heart.

    And nowhere in the world today has the Shepherd been developed to greater heights of beauty character and quality than in America ~ in the American-bred German Shepherd dog.

  • Beautiful protection

  • Why is the German Shepherd the choice of so many different people for so many different purposes? Here are some of the reasons:

    • The Shepherd is a splendid house dog devoted to his owners, easy to housebreak quiet and undestructive.
    • The Shepherd is a dog just as nature made him. He spares you the trouble and expense of clipping, trimming or docking of ears and tail.
    • He is one of the hardiest of dogs ~ adaptable to climate and weather ~ easy to keep indoors or out.
    • The German Shepherd is a wonderful playmate, companion and guardian for children ~ alert, fearless, protective of home and family.
    • He is famed for his dependability, loyalty and trustworthiness.
    • The Shepherd is a first rate traveller, among the most welcome and admired of dogs of wherever you go.
    • The Shepherd is perhaps most famous for his superlative intelligence. He is anxious to please,quick to learn and possessed of a remarkable memory.
  • Nowhere in the animal kingdom is there beauty more dramatic and more arresting. Wherever you go with your magnificent Shepherd by your side, heads turn, eyes light and hearts respond with unfeigned admiration.

    Yet for all its majestic signs, the German Shepherd is surprisingly economical to feed ~ requires less than some smaller breeds.
    And the purchase price of so much beauty is less than you might think. The cost of the good Shepherd is a low indeed when you consider all the advantages he offers and compare the price with that of many other popular breeds ~ including some of the smallest.

  • So loving! So lovable!

  • As for puppies, there is a wide agreement that none is more irresistible than the teddy bear like German Shepherd puppy. Soft, cuddly, lively,amusing and extremely affectionate.